Neighborhood Scale Green Infrastructure

Lighthouse YMCA stormwater harvesting basins
Lighthouse YMCA stormwater harvesting basins

Tucson Water has partnered with Tucson Clean & Beautiful (TCB) to offer neighborhood groups the resources to plan and construct stormwater harvesting projects to enhance their neighborhood.

  • Up to $45,000 is available per ward for single or multiple projects.
  • TCB staff are available to assist neighborhood groups with application, project site selection, and estimates of project budget.
  • Applications will be accepted and placed in the queue till all grant funds are spent for this year.

    For program information, visit the TCB website exiting Tucson Water website. Call Tucson Water's Public Information and Conservation Office at (520) 791-4331 or e-mail Tucson Clean & Beautiful at for more information.

    Additional resources:


    Ward 1:

    • Liberty Avenue Traffic Circles (completed)
    • Dunbar Center, 2nd Street Basin (completed)
    • El Rio Neighborhood Center (pending)

    Ward 2:

    • Pantano II HOA (completed)
    • Palo Verde Park (pending)

    Ward 3:

    • Richland Heights East (completed)
    • Lighthouse YMCA (completed)
    • Rillito Bend (completed)
    • McCormick Park (pending)
    • Dodge Flower NA - Richey Blvd. & Flower St. (pending)

    Ward 4:

    • Groves Park II (pending)

    Ward 6:

    • Garden District NA - Justin Lane (completed)
    • Sam Hughes NA - 6th St: Treat to Sawtelle (pending)
    • San Clemente NA - Irving Ave. (pending)