One Water

One Water is an approach to managing water resources that takes a holistic view of a community's multiple water resources, integrating each piece of the urban water cycle into one system.

Tucson Water supports the One Water concept and is actively working with community partners to explore all available water resources, including groundwater, rainwater, stormwater and wastewater. Working toward a One Water vision requires determining the most beneficial uses of these resources that will create a livable, resilient community.

Tucson sent a delegation to the One Water Summit in 2016, a national conference focused on integrating the One Water concept throughout the water sector. As a follow-up to this summit, a planning team was developed to host a Tucson Green Infrastructure Workshop, with the goal of continuing the conversation of the role green infrastructure plays in Tucson's stormwater management and how these concepts scale up into a One Water vision for Tucson.

"One Water" Stormwater Discussion in Tucson - March 3, 2017

The links below go to the summary findings from the "One Water" Stormwater Discussion held in Tucson and to reports from American Rivers that collect the ideas, inspirations, and expertise of mayors, municipal leaders, and urban water managers interested in pursuing integrated water management.


For more information on One Water or to request a speaker for your group or organization, call Tucson Water's Public Information / Conservation Office (PICO) at 520-791-4331 or e-mail