Current Water Rate Schedules

The current monthly water rates were adopted by Tucson's Mayor and Council on May 17, 2016, and became effective July 5, 2016. Potable water charges include:

  1. a monthly service charge which the customer pays regardless of the amount of water used
  2. usage charges
  3. a Central Arizona Project (CAP) charge
  4. a conservation charge

The potable monthly service charge recovers the costs of meter reading, meter maintenance and replacement, billing, a portion of distribution system (pipeline) maintenance, and a portion of the capital costs associated with CAP water and public fire protection. The service charge increased $0.77 per month for a 5/8" meter, the size serving most single family homes. Proportionately larger increases apply for larger meters.

Click on the link for additional information about how resident, commercial, industrial, and multi-family rates are calculated.

For more information, call 520-791-3242 or send an e-mail to Tucson Water Customer Service.

The following links lead to the current rate schedules.




Most of Tucson Water's customers are in the single-family class. Single-family customers tend to be low-volume water users. About 80% of customers in this class use 10 Ccf (7,480 gallons) or less of water on average monthly. The water bill at various levels of monthly use for this customer class is shown below.

Usage (Ccf) Average Monthly Bill
0 $12.67
5 $24.07
8 (winter average) $32.36
9 (overall average) $36.09
10 (summer average) $39.82
16 $66.68
31 $194.10
45 $368.82
60 $556.02

All amounts shown are before tax. Taxes billed are turned over to the taxing authority and are not revenues of Tucson Water. Current tax rates are: 2.0%, City of Tucson; 6.1%, State of Arizona exiting Tucson Water website; 4.5%, Town of Marana exiting Tucson Water website; 4.0%, Town of Oro Valley exiting Tucson Water website 4.5%, City of South Tucson exiting Tucson Water website.

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