Frequently Asked Questions on 2017 Rates and Charges

Why do water rates increase?
As an enterprise fund, Tucson Water must generate enough revenue to cover its operating costs. Without an increase, Tucson Water would not be able to continue to deliver safe, reliable drinking water to more than 722,000 people. Even though we continue to conserve more water, expenses to maintain the water system continue to rise.

How much will my water bill increase per month?
The average single family household will see an increase of about $3.00 per month.

What water rates are changing?

  • Residential monthly volume charges, based on the amount of water used
  • Central Arizona Project (CAP) fee to recover the cost of purchasing CAP water
  • Dedicated monthly conservation fee for programs to increase water efficiency
  • Monthly fire sprinkler service charge
  • Base rates for multifamily, commercial, industrial and construction water service

Are rates going up for all water customers?
All drinking water customers will see a monthly increase in rates. Reclaimed water rates for approximately 900 users will not change.

Who approves water rate increases?
The City of Tucson Mayor and Council approve water rates. In 2016, the Mayor and Council approved rates for July 2016 through June 2018. This action followed a series of public town hall meetings on water rates, a public hearing and the recommendation of the Citizens’ Water Advisory Committee.

I’m on a limited income. Can Tucson Water help me pay my bill?
Customers with limited income may be eligible for financial assistance to help with the charges on their utility services statement, including water, sewer and trash fees. For more information about eligibility, go to or call 520-791-5443.

What can I do to reduce my bill?
Look for ways to use water more efficiently in and around your home or business. Tucson Water offers numerous programs to help you conserve water:

Monthly Usage in Ccf

Monthly Usage in Gallons

Monthly Increase

4 Ccf

2992 Gallons


8 Ccf**

5984 Gallons


12 Ccf

8976 Gallons