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Tucson has three sources of water: groundwater, Colorado River water, and recycled water.

Tucson Water uses some of its recycled water to produce reclaimed water, which is specially treated for applications such as irrigation, dust control, and industrial uses. We have been producing and delivering reclaimed water since 1984.

Recycled water is a second renewable water resource (Colorado River is the other). Producing and using reclaimed water for irrigation saves groundwater and Colorado River water for drinking. Tucson Water was one of the first water utilities in the nation to begin recycling water, treating it for irrigation and other non-drinking water uses. Experts from around the world visit Tucson Water to learn how we recycle water and to study our reclaimed water system.

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New Development Section 520-791-5164
information on availability of reclaimed water service and cost of connection

Backflow Prevention / Reclaimed Water Section 520-791-2650
information on backflow prevention, site preparation, and reclaimed water signs

Public Information / Conservation Office 520-791-4331
general information on reclaimed water