Reclaimed Water Facts

  • Reclaimed water is not treated to be used for drinking or bathing.
  • Tucson Water uses some of its recycled water to produce reclaimed water, which is specially treated for applications such as irrigation, dust control, fire fighting, and industrial uses.
  • There are 160 miles of pipe in the reclaimed water system and 15 million gallons of surface storage in enclosed reservoirs.
  • During the summer, daily deliveries of reclaimed water can be more than 30 million gallons (MGD).
  • Using reclaimed water instead of drinking water for irrigation saves enough water every year for more than 60,000 families.
  • 50 parks and 65 schools, including the University of Arizona, irrigate with reclaimed water.
  • More than 700 single-family homes use reclaimed water for outdoor landscaping.
  • 18 golf courses, including four City-owned courses, irrigate with reclaimed water.
  • As an incentive to use reclaimed water, its rate is lower than most of the drinking water rates.
  • Converting from Tucson water’s drinking water system to reclaimed water can, for large volume commercial/industrial customers and some high water using residential customers, result in substantial savings on monthly water bills.
  • Reclaimed water rates do not cover the full cost of service for reclaimed water. The amount not covered by the rates is funded from potable water system revenues.

Revised 06/2013