The Reclaimed Water Song

Use Reclaimed Water!

A YouTube video featuring music and lyrics by Lori Fraesdorf, Lizeth Quijado Grijalva, and 5th grade students at Manzo Elementary School.

  1. Reclaimed water has lately made the news!
    Our schools have greener grass under our shoes!
    Because we use reclaimed water to help our grass grow,
    We’ll tell you about it, we want you to know!
  2. Reclaimed water is used to water plants.
    It’s wastewater treated, and enhanced.
    They take the wastewater and filter it some more,
    Add chlorine and put it in a reservoir.
    • Chorus:
      Use reclaimed water, Open up your eyes to...
      Reclaimed water, We have to be wise.
      Let’s recycle...recover the water we use
      Reclaimed spread the news!
  3. It’s an irrigation system that’s new to us.
    At first it’s costly, but later a plus!
    Replacing old systems and connecting new lines,
    We hope to see more purple reclaimed signs.
  4. Don’t drink reclaimed water, look for signs on the fence
    This water has many natural nutrients.
    The nitrogen and phosphorus will help your plants grow,
    Let’s save our precious groundwater down below!
    • Chorus
  5. Our groundwater’s dropped over 200 feet!
    Without clean water...we’re incomplete!
    And there’s fear that Tucson’s land may one day sink,
    So don’t waste drinking water...let’s stop and think!
  6. Using effluent water really makes sense!
    It saves our clean water at a lower expense.
    Just use reclaimed water... come on, let’s start today,
    So future generations won’t have to pay!
    • Chorus