Tucson Audit Program


The Tucson Audit Program engages Tucson Water business customers through free Water Savings Audits and customized incentive packages. TAP Efficiency Specialists work with you to identify water and money-saving opportunities for your organization to reduce water, sewer, and often energy bills and help create a more sustainable community.

Schedule your free audit today! Call 520-791-4331 or send an e-mail to Tucson Water's Public Information and Conservation Office.

TAP into water and money savings with these simple steps.

Have you completed your audit and have your Water Efficiency Recommendations Report in hand? You decide which recommendations to follow and we’ll customize an incentive that works for you.

Program Policy and Rebate Application Instructions pdf
Custom Commercial Rebate Application pdf

Aligning TAP with Community Sustainability & Drought Preparedness

The City of Tucson Water Department’s 2012 Drought Preparedness and Response Plan includes four drought response levels beginning with Stage 1 and increasing in severity to Stage 4. The Drought Plan states that if Stage 2 drought is declared, all commercial and industrial customers using, on average, over 325 ccf per month need to conduct a self–audit of water use at the facility and develop a conservation plan. Therefore, Tucson Water is targeting the top 10% of commercial and industrial users who use on average, more than 325 ccf per month (2,500,000 gallons).

Tucson Water is currently operating under Stage 1 drought and has been for several years. Declaration of Stage 2 drought is dependent on Colorado River conditions and is made by the Tucson City Manager, on advice from the Director of Tucson Water. 

Tucson Water is offering these TAP audits free of charge to our customers now, to help get ahead of these requirements. This program is targeting our largest commercial and industrial users, but is available to any commercial or industrial customer.