Water Quality

Tucson Water's Water Quality and Operations Division environmental scientists, chemists, analysts, disinfection personnel, system and water treatment operators, and inspectors work together to monitor the quality of our drinking water at more than 200 wells, 61 reservoirs, 266 sampling stations, and 125 selected homes throughout the Tucson metro area and surrounding communities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency exiting Tucson Water website establishes the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR). They are legally enforceable primary standards and treatment techniques that protect public health by limiting the levels of contaminants in drinking water. There are 90 NPDWR that apply to Tucson Water and include inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, disinfectant, disinfection by-products, radionuclides, and bacteria. Two additional NPDWR that apply are related to reporting requirements. The test results are reported to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality exiting Tucson Water website and to our customers.  Our drinking water meets all NPDWRs.

In addition, this Division monitors for 15 National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations (NSDWR) contaminants which are non-enforceable guidelines set by the EPA that may cause cosmetic effects (such as skin or tooth discoloration) or aesthetic effects (such as taste, odor, or color) in drinking water. EPA recommends secondary standards to water systems but does not require systems to comply. It also tests for unregulated contaminants as needed.

If you have questions or comments about the quality of your water, call 520-791-5945 or e-mail CustomerSupportUnit@tucsonaz.gov. To request a speaker for your organization, call the Public Information / Conservation Office (PICO) at 520-791-4331 or e-mail PICO.