Tucson Water Winter Prep Tips

Click here for tips to help prevent pipes, plumbing, irrigation systems and backflow prevention assemblies from freezing, as well as what to do if something has frozen.

If you have to turn off the water to your home or business, do so at your main shut-off valve, not at the water meter. Learn where this valve is located in case you need to turn the water off in an emergency. Call a plumber for assistance if a break is between the water meter and your home or business.

If you need the water meter valve turned off, call Tucson Water Customer Service at 520-791-3242 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or call the after-hours/weekend/holiday emergency number at 520-791-4133.

Most water meters are located at the front of a home or business near the sidewalk, or in the rear, such as in an alley. If you must turn off this meter in an emergency, remove the lid. On the side closest to your home or business, you should see either a gate valve or a ball valve. To close a gate valve, turn to the right; to close a ball valve, turn ¼ of the way to the right. If you cannot see or turn the valve, call us.

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