Working With Water December 2018

wrapping pipes / Tucson Water

Tips to Beat the Chill

Prevent water from freezing and rupturing pipes and backflow assemblies:

  • Use foam or wrap insulation to protect exposed plumbing or water pipes. Towels, newspapers, and blankets can be used as temporary insulation.
  • Seal open areas around pipes to stop cold air flow.
  • Check the attic for poly piping, which may require insulation.
  • Protect backflow prevention assemblies with an insulation bag or covered enclosure. Blankets or towels can work as a temporary solution.
  • Watch our YouTube videos with more tips: English exiting Tucson Water website - Spanish exiting Tucson Water website.

Winterize an evaporative cooler:

  • Disconnect the water supply.
  • Disconnect and drain the water line.
  • Drain water from the cooler. Use a wire brush to scrape off build-up. Remove and inspect the pad holder/trough and unclog holes.
  • Insert damper plate into vent to prevent warm air from escaping through cooler.
  • Cover the cooler unit to protect it and to prevent cold air from entering your home.

Prepare landscaping and irrigation systems:

  • Adjust irrigation system timer/controller for cooler temperatures and shorter days.
  • Remove, drain, and store outdoor hoses inside.
  • Insulate above-ground bibs, lines, and piping.
  • Add mulch to protect tender plants.
  • Clean drain and rainwater cistern spouts of leaves and debris.
  • Use Tucson Water’s Water by the Weather seasonal landscape watering guide or call 520-791-4331 to request a copy.

scheduling Zanjero visit / Tucson Water

Schedule a free Zanjero water efficiency review for inside and outside your home. Call 520-791-3242 or e-mail The audit takes about two hours and an adult must be present.

Reduce your winter water usage to lower your sewer charges all year. Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department exiting Tucson Water website uses your average water usage for December, January, and February to calculate your monthly sewer volume charges for the next year.

Be ready for an emergency by locating your main water supply valve now so you can shut it off in the event of a leak or line burst.

To read the complete December Water Matters newsletter, click here pdf.