Tucson Water Youth Education Program - Investing in Our Future

Working With Water - November 2019

For more than three decades, Tucson Water has invested in teaching students and educators about water in our community. Ask almost any local younger than 40 and it’s likely they remember a Tucson Water grade school presentation, a Pete the Beak coloring book, or a water cycle demonstration. Many even recall the action messages of “brush up with just one cup” and “shower shorter.”

Tucson Water youth education program

Because the youth education program is a cornerstone of Tucson Water’s outreach efforts and positively impacts our local conservation culture, the utility commits resources, staff, and facilities to teaching the next generation. The establishment of a dedicated Conservation Fee a decade ago helped launch water-related education programs into an exciting new phase.

Elementary and middle school classroom presentations are an engaging way to teach students about our local water cycle, our multiple water resources, and how they can take action at home to conserve water. This school year we have new multi-media presentations integrated with up-to-date technology, all aligned with Arizona’s 2018 Science Standards -- geared to capture the interest of the next generation of students.

Field trips offer students a popular and fun way to learn. Each school year, more than 100 classes and 2,000 students travel to Sweetwater Wetlands to explore this unique riparian ecosystem and learn about water in a new way. Offered primarily to fourth-graders, the Sweetwater Wetlands field trip delves into hydrology and earth science through models and hands-on experiences, guided by trained educators.

Tucson Water youth education programs

Tucson Water also invests in teachers by funding workshops that offer free age appropriate curriculums and training for educators who take lessons back to their classrooms. Since 2006, nearly 1,700 Tucson-area educators have participated in Tucson Water's professional development programs, teaching more than 104,726 students water stewardship and STEM skills!

Thank you, Tucson Water customers – you help to fund these great youth education programs when you pay the Water Conservation Fee, making our community water-wise!

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