Be a Part of Tucson's One Water Vision and Master Plan

Working With Water - December 2019

All water moves through a continuous, renewable cycle of use and reuse. It’s all One Water – whether it’s surface water, stormwater, reclaimed water, or groundwater. Tucson Water is updating its long-range water master plan based on this One Water approach.

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The One Water 2100 Master Plan will address a wide range of future scenarios that impact our water resources. This comprehensive approach ensures our desert community has ample water resources for a secure and sustainable future.

Historical Approach: Long-range planning used to focus more narrowly on balancing groundwater supplies with projected demand.

NEW One Water Approach: Go to to learn more about One Water and the One Water 2100 Master Plan! The One Water approach focuses on many challenges and how to address them through integrated water resource planning. Input and collaboration between community members, Tucson Water staff, City departments, elected officials, and others will drive the selection of scenarios considered in the plan.

The Process: Tucson Water began developing the One Water 2100 Master Plan this summer, with implementation slated for spring 2021. During the next 10 months, the process will focus on setting the foundation, establishing direction, developing the framework, and launching the Plan.

Provide Input: There will be multiple ways to shape the Master Plan through open houses, online comments, surveys, workshops, and interviews.

Go to to learn more about One Water and the One Water 2100 Master Plan.

To read the complete December Water Matters newsletter, click here pdf.