Residential Water Use Analysis

Tucson Water Zanjero Program logo Tucson Water's Zanjero Program offers residential customers with high water use an opportunity to have a free individualized water-use survey done at their homes. You must be present during the two-hour survey. To schedule an appointment, call the Tucson Water Customer Solution Center at 520-791-3242 or send us an e-mail.

An inventory will be taken of all fixtures, such as the dishwasher, clothes washer, water treatment condition systems, and cooler. The water meter will be located and the volume recorded. The resident will learn how to read the meter and use it to help detect leaks.
  1. Record household information.
  2. Inventory fixtures and record:
    • dishwasher
    • clothes washer
    • garbage disposal
    • air conditioner
    • bottled water
    • graywater
    • water softener
    • cooler
    • hot water recirculator
    • carbon or reverse osmosis water filter
  3. Locate meter, record information on audit form, and teach resident how to read meter.

The Indoor Survey

Bathrooms, kitchen, and utility room will be checked. The flow rate of toilets, faucets, and showerheads will be measured. Showerheads and aerators will be replaced free of charge if needed. Leaking toilet flapper valves will also be replaced.

  1. Inspect bathrooms.
    • Drop a dye tablet into toilet tank to test for leaks.
    • Estimate gallons per flush of toilet and record.
    • Measure flow rates of showers and faucets and record.
    • Observe for leaks and record.
  2. Inspect kitchen/utility room.
    • Measure flow rate(s) of faucet(s) and record.
    • Observe for leaks and record.
  3. Conclude interior inspection.
    • Return to bathroom and observe for toilet leaks; record information.
    • Review and discuss interior inspection results with homeowner.
    • Replace showerhead(s) and aerator(s) as appropriate.

The Outdoor Survey

An inventory will be taken of features such as pools, misting systems, evaporative cooler, and greenhouses. An assessment of the landscape and an evaluation of any lawn areas will include measuring the flow rate of irrigated areas, checking pressure, and reading the meter.

  1. Review General Characteristics with customer. Inventory and record:
    • pool
    • misting system
    • pets/animals
    • evaporative cooler
    • spa
    • fountain/pond
    • greenhouse
    • water treatment/softener
  2. Inspect front/back yards.
    • Provide assessment of landscape type:
      • planting density
      • high/medium/low water use
    • Measure landscaped areas and record:
      • prepare sketch map of site
    • Assess irrigation methods and record.
    • Conduct flow test for each valve/station and record.
    • Conduct visual inspection for leaks, breaks, missing plants, runoff, etc., and record.
    • Evaluate lawn area(s) and record:
      • soil probe
      • rooting depth
      • soil type
      • measure flow rate for turfed areas
        • check pressure
        • flag sprinkler heads
        • conduct visual inspection
      • set up cups (if visual inspection OK)
      • run spray irrigation system
      • collect cup data
    • Record meter reading.

The auditor will go over the survey results with the customer, suggest steps they can take, and leave a conservation information packet.