About Welcome Tucson

Welcome Tucson Web Portal is a resource directory for immigrants of all backgrounds seeking out connections to services that are already in place in our community.  Many of the Tucson residents including businesses and organizations are not aware of services available in our community, so the City of Tucson has put together a resource directory for reference.

Help us broaden and enrich our diverse community by sending us ideas, resources, and comments to our email address:  tucsonimmigrant@tucsonaz.gov

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Refugees and Asylees
During 2012 a total of 58,179 persons were admitted to the United States as refugees and 29,484 persons were granted asylum. 
For more information on Refugees and Asylees, please see report (pdf)

 U.S. Legal Permanent Residents
A total of 1,031,631 persons became U.S. Legal Permanent Residents in 2012 with leading countries Mexico (14%), China (9.7%) and India (6.4%).
For more information on U.S. Legal Permanent Residents, please see report (pdf)

U.S. Naturalizations
In 2012, a total of 757,434 persons became American citizens.  The leading countries with new American citizens were Mexico (102,181), Philippines (44,958), India (42,928), Dominican Republic (33,351) and China (31,868).
For more information on U.S. Naturalization, please see report (pdf)