FY 2014 Know Your Numbers

Understand Your Health Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

FY 2014 Know Your Numbers Results

Thank you to the thousands of City employees who participated in our Know Your Numbers campaign and to all the hard-working staff members who made it a success.  Here is what we learned:

  • Only 31% of people said their overall health was very good or excellent; most felt that it was not where they would like it to be
  • 73% had higher than normal blood pressure
  • 68% had at least 3 or more risk factors that they could change with better health habits
  • 55% identified stress as an issue
  • 50% had abnormal waist circumference
  • High glucose and low good cholesterol (HDL) were abnormal and tied at 44%
  • 231 people had glucose that is considered not healthy
  • People overwhelmingly wanted to make healthier lifestyle changes, as well as increase physical activity!

On the evaluations:

  • People appreciated that the testing was offered at so many different sites
  • People wanted to know their numbers and prevent heart disease

We are developing programs to help you meet your health goals.  We've introduced discounts to LA Fitness as a first step!   Thank you for your continued partnership.

Below is additional information about our completed Know Your Numbers Campaign:


FY 2014 Incentives: How Do I Get a $35 Gift Card?

If you're a primary subscriber on the Cigna medical plan, you can earn a $35 Gift Card:

Simply login to myCigna.com and complete your online health assessment by December 31, 2013.  Select "Manage My Health " (upper right) > My Health Assessment.


You'll need:

  • Your Numbers! Height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, total cholesterol and "good" (HDL) cholesterol must be entered to be eligible for the gift card
  • Your myCigna.com login information.  If you haven't registered for myCigna.com, you may register here.  If you've registered and are having issues logging in, call 1.800.284.8346 for assistance.)


I Don't Know My Numbers

No problem!  You can get them from your doctor if you've had them run in the last 12 months, or come to an onsite health screening at a COT work location near you!

Schedule your appointment.


I Don't Have An Appointment

No problem!  We recommend that you make an appointment to reduce waiting time, but walk-ins are welcome.

I'd Like Assistance on the Computer

No problem!  CIGNA staff and computers will be on-site at each screening location to assist you.

If you know your myCigna.com user ID and password, please bring them.  If you don't, you can get them by registering for myCigna.com or calling 1.800.284.8346 for assistance.  

What Happens With My Personal Health Data?

Once you're done, you'll receive a personalized report and be invited to join an online health coaching program. You may also get a call from a Cigna nurse to tell you about health improvement programs that might be helpful to you.

  • Your information is confidential!  It's sent to the Cigna nurse through a secure transmission.
  • The City will NOT have access to your health information!
  • Results are protected under federal law (HIPAA) and won't be used to increase your insurance premiums!

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