Live Well, Be Well

Welcome to the LIVE WELL BE WELL website. Please use this site as a resource for up-coming events, increasing your personal health knowledge, and to help you lead a healthy and happy life at work and at home.

The LIVE WELL BE WELL program is designed to offer courses, screenings, activities, and resources to promote and preserve the health of the City’s employees & retirees.

Useful links for information regarding your health!

Stress Nutrition
Physical Activity Smoking and Tobacco Use

Take Advantage of Cigna's health programs to promote a healthier you!

Easy steps you can take to achieve better health!

  • Learn Your Risks
  • Increase your physical activity to at least 30 minutes per day
    • Increase intensity and duration slowly and gradually
  • Maintain Healthy Eating Portions
    • Don't overeat! Excess/unnecessary foods lead to obesity!
    • Maintain a healthy BMI -

  • Have Your Benefits work for you
    • Keep up with your My Cigna Account