Everyone knows what stress is and yet there are different definitions for stress from different people. One definition of stress is that it is the mental and physical response of our bodies to the changes and challenges in our lives. While some consider stress a mind over matter issue, there are many issues both psychological and physical that result from increased amount of stress over long periods of time. Some of these effects include cardiovascular disease, impaired immune system, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. There are many factors that could contribute to stress, however there are also many ways to prevent and combat stress. Due to the possible effects, it is important to know various stress managing techniques. This information plus much more is included in this section.

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Cigna's Strength and Resiliance Program: "Our program addresses physical activity, nutrition, sleep, relaxation techniques, and coping. Participants work with a dedicated Wellness Coach who uses a motivational interviewing style where participants choose and carry out actions to change. The program is designed to help participants: Reduce the negative effects of stress at work; Reduce stress in their personal lives; Learn methods to more effectively cope with stress; Improve their health; Improve satisfication with their job and personal lives."
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