Low-Income, High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) Replacement


Free Toilet Replacement for Low- and Moderate-Income Homeowners

Leaky and old, inefficient toilets can be the biggest water wasters inside the home. That’s why Tucson Water offers low- and moderate-income families free replacement of older toilets that use 3.5 or more gallons per flush (gpf).


  • Low-to-moderate family income
  • Replacing high-flush toilets made 1991 or earlier (date of manufacture is generally stamped inside the tank or lid of the toilet)
  • Tucson Water customer (or a mobile home park, condo, etc., that is a Tucson Water customer)
  • Homeowner (rental properties not eligible)
  • Households of one person are eligible for one toilet replacement
  • Households of two or more persons can receive two toilets

Renters: Check with your landlord. Landlords may be eligible to participate in our other high-efficiency toilet rebate programs.

Income Guidelines

Total income of all household residents must be less than the following to be considered low-to-moderate:

Number of Persons in Household 2015 Annual Income Limit
1 $33,050
2 $37,800
3 $42,500
4 $47,200
5 $51,000

More Information/How to Apply

  • Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona (CHRPA) installs toilets as part of the Tucson Water program.
  • To sign up for a free toilet replacement, call CHRPA at 520-745-2055.

Click on the link below to download more information, call 520-791-4331 or e-mail Tucson Water's Public Information and Conservation Office (PICO).