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Public Utility Administrative Manual(PDF, 6MB)

Utility Manual Notice of Release(PDF, 239KB)(PDF, 239KB)   

The DTM Engineering Division provides the professional engineering and administrative services necessary for the programming, design, and construction of the City of Tucson's Improvement Districts and Transportation capital improvement projects by:

  • Performing professional engineering design and survey services for engineering projects.
  • Preparing maps and legal descriptions for Tucson's annexation program, for City property acquisitions and dispositions, and for right-of way acquisition in support of roadway projects.
  • Administering the- Floodplain Ordinance and required interim regulations necessary for City residents' eligibility for subsidized flood insurance, emergency relief programs, and other Federal financial assistance.
  • Performing services for the implementation and administration of City Improvement Districts for major arterials, neighborhood streets, sidewalks, sewers, drainage, and lighting.

Materials Lab

Pima County Standard Specifications and Standard Details

LED Lighting Project

The LED Project commissioned an Investment Grade Audit to determine all of the City lighting under TDOT (street & garage) and this audit identified each, documented what was existing, how much energy each used and photmetetrically modeled the lighting for LED replacement. 

Final IGA Report(PDF, 5MB)

IGA Appendix(PDF, 38MB)


Engineering Plan Templates and Details

Active Practice Guidelines