Maps and Records

DTM's Maps and Records maintains records from pending construction projects to the first map of Tucson. Construction Plans, Aerial Photographs, Right-of-Way Drawings, Engineering Drawings, Annexation Maps, and Survey Field Books are among the documents we maintain in a temperature-controlled secure-access facility. These records have been scanned in TIFF format for best viewing.

NOTE: Please Read The Map Data Disclaimer Before Accessing The Maps!

Map Tucson
This is the location to view geo-referenced records held by Maps & Records. Our records are listed under the Plan Library layer. Note: not all of our records are geo-reference and will not appear on MapTucson. For a complete listing of all our records click on the Plans and Library link below.

Major Streets and Routes Map(PDF, 4MB)
This is a map of the City of Tucson's major streets and routes and their designations. 
     - Major Streets and Routes Plan(PDF, 473KB) 
     - Major Streets and Routes Covenant(PDF, 18KB)

Plan Library
This is the only location to find a complete listing of all our records, including Construction Plans, Subdivision Plats, Records or Survey, Historic Maps, and Field Book notes. 

Downloads for Plans Templates, DTM Specific Details and Standards 
This is our downloadable resource page. Included are TDOT Standard Title Blocks and Cover Sheets as well as Plan and Profile Sheets, PAG Standard Details as well as older Joint Pima County and City of Tucson Standards, and downloads for City of Tucson Standard Manual For Drainage Design and Floodplain Management . 

City of Tucson Map Resources
Links to other City of Tucson provided maps.

Pima County MapGuide
Link to Pima County’s Comprehensive PimaMaps.

Transview (PAG)
Link to the TransView map maintained by Pima Association of Governments (PAG).