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Mission and Overview

The Role of Firefighters

Fire Department members play a vital role in our community. Tucson firefighters respond to emergencies as part of a team trained to protect the lives and property of citizens. This highly skilled work includes:

  • Firefighting
  • Patient care during medical emergencies
  • Technical rescue
  • Hazardous materials incidents
  • Other service-oriented calls

Tucson firefighters educate the public in the areas of fire safety and fire prevention. Tucson firefighters also enforce building codes designed to provide a safer environment for all.

These tasks may be performed under extreme and adverse conditions requiring strong mental and physical conditioning. Other duties include care and maintenance of fire department property and equipment, occupancy inspections, pre-fire plans, training and physical fitness.

As one of TFD's firefighters you will develop the confidence and ability needed to perform effectively in emergency situations. You will be an integral part of a dedicated team. Most importantly, you will be called upon to save the lives and property of your fellow citizens. You will make a difference. There is no more rewarding feeling.

Overview of TFD

The goal of the Tucson Fire Department (TFD) is to minimize the loss of life and property from the effects of fire, medical, or other emergencies, and to render assistance as required.

Inherent in this goal is the desire to protect and enhance the quality of life of our citizens and community by responding quickly, performing with excellence, serving at every opportunity, and providing public education with special emphasis on programs for children. All emergency and non-emergency services are developed, maintained, and provided by highly trained professionals dedicated to excellence.

In order to carry out its mission effectively, The Office of the Fire Chief provides direction and policy to the entire department. The Tucson Fire Department is organized into three bureaus: Operations, Businesses Services and Community Risk Reduction, and Administrative and Personnel Services.  

The Operations Bureau is in charge of day-to-day emergency services operations, including emergency medical services. Our operations division is divided into 4 battalions that each cover a portion of the city. Our commissioned fire personnel operate on a 3/4 schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The Business Services and Community Risk Reduction Bureau works to keep the citizens of Tucson safe through public outreach, fire inspections, and effective communication. This bureau oversees the Tucson Fire Department inspectors, code enforcement staff, fire investigators, and our community risk reduction team.  

The Administrative and Personnel Services Bureau oversees our training academy, human resources, firefighter safety and wellness, as well as ambulance billing.

Annual Reports

To be excellent public safety professionals, compassionately providing our community an all-hazards response with integrity and courage through innovative prevention, education, and active intervention.

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Tucson Fire Department Annual Report 

2022 Tucson Fire Department Annual Report 

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