Homeless Encampment Protocol & Reporting Tool

The Homeless Encampment Protocol is initiated when a homeless camp, located on City property or private property, poses a threat to public safety, causes a major criminal or health concern, or when there is camping in any City park after hours. The new encampment online reporting tool will allow our community to help the City identify encampment locations and assess the level of response needed, including outreach, clean-up, and enforcement.

To report an encampment online, please scan the QR code below to access the Reporting Tool page:

Or go to the Reporting Tool website:

To report an encampment by phone, please call the City of Tucson Resource Line: (520) 791-2540

Initiation of Protocol

  • Complaint of encampment received via reporting tool online or by phone
  • Report created in the Encampment Dashboard
  • Encampment address sent to Housing and Community Development (HCD) Outreach for location to be evaluated using assessment tool
  • Tier level assigned to encampment and case sent to appropriate City department

Tier 1

These are former encampments, no individuals living there: Environmental Services will coordinate clean up.

Tier 2 
Encampments do have people living there.

They have been able to govern themselves and keep the area free from disruptive activities.
Outreach will be offered as well as a mutual agreement for trash pickup schedule from Environmental Services.

Tier 3 

High Problem encampments.
Violence and crime towards the surrounding community, the encampment inhabitants themselves, and many environmental hazards.
Enforcement will be called out to address the criminal behavior, outreach will be offered, and clean up will be done by Environmental Services after the 72 hours vacate notice is posted.  

  • Any camp with possible hazards will request TPD escort
  • HCD will contact City Attorney if appropriate statute/ordinance cannot be determined
  • City department will update Encampment Dashboard on work complete

Property Cleanup and Posting

  • Cleanup is determined by City department ownership or oversight responsibility of property in question.
  • Cleanup is initiated after 72 hours of notification/posting.
  • If occupants failed to vacate, City department will contact TPD to take appropriate enforcement action.
  • Responsible City department has the option of utilizing Environmental Services, Department of Transportation Streets Division, or a private contractor, to determine type of cleanup needed and to contract with the agent of its choice. If hazardous materials are encountered, the responding department will be responsible for following any safety protocols currently in place.
  • Cleanup of vacated campground must be completed within 15 days, to prevent campers from returning.
  • Responsible City departments shall ensure that City-owned property is identified as such and that trespassing is prohibited.
  • Responsible City Department must coordinate outcome results in the Encampment Dashboard so that automated emails will be provided as services are completed. These messages will go to complainant, Ward offices, and others as requested.

Encampment Coordinator

Encampment Coordinator is the contact for questions and concerns on Encampment Protocol after report has been made.

Recurring Sites

Encampment Coordinator may refer the complaint directly to Encampment Protocol Committee to issue the 72-hour notice to vacate  the property and take enforcement action. TPD may utilize their discretion concerning individuals who may benefit from outreach services, and HCDD will initiate appropriate provider participation.

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