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What is the IPA?

Que es el IPA? (Spanish)(PDF, 12KB)

The Office of the Independent Police Auditor (IPA) was established as an external source to audit citizen complaint investigations conducted by the Tucson Police Department Office of Internal Affairs (OIA). The audit purpose is to determine if an OIA investigation was complete, thorough, objective and fair. The Office of the IPA is a resource for the citizens of Tucson regarding police actions and standards.

When Should I File a Complaint?

A complaint should be filed when you believe a member of the Tucson Police Department has acted improperly in the course of his/her work. Whether the issue is related to discourteous treatment, unnecessary force, or any other police action you believe to be wrong, you may file a complaint.

How Do I File a Complaint?

A complaint can be filed by calling the IPA, sending a facsimile, mailing a letter, or via this web page. You will be notified by mail that the IPA received your complaint and that it was forwarded to the Office of Internal Affairs for review. The IPA will notify you of the outcome of the investigation.

Complaints can also be filed directly with the Tucson Police Department, Office of Internal Affairs, 270 S. Stone Avenue or by phone at (520) 791-4426.

Important Information When You File

When you file your complaint, please include as much information as possible in your description of the event; such as: the date, time, and exact location of the incident; the name of the officer(s), badge number, description, and vehicle or license number (if available); name, telephone number and/or address of any potential witness(s); and any other evidence you feel may be important such as copies of citation(s), photograph(s), etc. The IPA does not accept anonymous complaints.

What Happens to My Complaint?

When the OIA has completed its investigation, the IPA and the complainant will be notified as to the outcome. If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, he/she may request a review by the IPA. Once the IPA has completed the review, the complainant will be notified of the final outcome.

Does My Complaint Make a Difference?

Citizen complaints assist the Police Department to identify problems with officers and Department policies.

Community Presentations

If you are interested in having the Independent Police Auditor make a presentation at your neighborhood meetings or community events, please call the Auditor at (520) 837-4003.

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