Court Administrative Orders and Directives

Court Administrative Orders

10-1 Court Administrative Orders Series(PDF, 154KB)
10-2 Cases Involving City of Tucson Employees(PDF, 42KB)
10-3 City Court Non-Juridical Days(PDF, 59KB)
20-1 Dedicated Domestic Violence Docket(PDF, 172KB)
30-4 Delegation of Supervisory Responsibility Over All Tucson CIty Court Non-Judicial Personnel(PDF, 91KB)
30-5 Adoption of Personnel Rules and Policies for Court Employees(PDF, 154KB)
30-6 First AID/CPR Certification for Judicial Assistants(PDF, 45KB)
30-7 Conducting Breathalyzer Tests In The Courtroom or Probation(PDF, 47KB)
50-2 Prohibited Items in Tucson City Court(PDF, 227KB)
50-3 Court Building Employee Random Security Screening(PDF, 340KB)
80-1 Civil Traffic Authorities and Delegations(PDF, 821KB)
80-3 Appearance Bonds in Adjudicated Cases(PDF, 84KB)
80-4 Requests for Credit for Time Served in Arizona Department of Corrections(PDF, 89KB)
80-5 Bonds Posted in Lieu of Fines/Fees(PDF, 52KB)
80-6 Parking Citation Amendments(PDF, 39KB)
80-8 Prohibited Use of Pre-Signed Documents(PDF, 68KB)
80-9 Processing Civil Traffic Pleadings(PDF, 20KB)
80-10 Processing Criminal Case Pleadings(PDF, 105KB)
80-11 Processing Rule 10.2 Pleadings(PDF, 56KB)
80-12 Dismissal of Non-Criminal Civil Ordinance Violations(PDF, 40KB)
80-13 Dismissal of Civil Traffic Photo Enforcement Violation(PDF, 40KB)
80-14 Extension of Time for Defensive Driving School(PDF, 95KB)
80-15 Quashing Failure to Pay Warrant in Cases Where the Bond Posted Satisfies the Amount Due(PDF, 43KB)
80-16 Reporting Convictions to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department(PDF, 49KB)
80-17 Initiating Collection Action in Parking Violation Cases(PDF, 165KB)
80-18 Parking Caseload - Data Conversion(PDF, 98KB)
80-19 Processing Criminal Cases(PDF, 221KB)
80-20 Criminal Caseload - Data Conversion(PDF, 417KB)
80-21 Civil Traffic Caseload - Data Conversion(PDF, 2MB)
80-22 FARE Disqualified List and Data Cleanup for Conversion(PDF, 263KB)
80-23 Closure Of Tucson City Court Monitored Probation Unit(PDF, 18KB)
80-24 Data Conversion To AJACS – Closing Cases Filed With Court Prior To 8/20/1999 In Which No Action Has Been Taken After 8/20/1999(PDF, 20KB)
80-25 ICAP Recinding Previous Compliance Orders for Release of Driver License and Vehicle Registration(PDF, 183KB)

Court Administrative Directives

200-1 Administrative Directive(DOC, 121KB)
200-2 Language Access Plan(PDF, 1MB)
210-1 Smoking Policy For City Court Building(PDF, 291KB)
210-14 Overtime Policy(PDF, 85KB)
210-15 Blocking Time on Master Calendar(PDF, 241KB)
210-16 Certification of 2nd Language Pay for Court Employees(PDF, 381KB)
220-1 Access to Court Buildings and Controlled Areas(PDF, 79KB)
220-2 City Court Building Evacuation Procedures(PDF, 2MB)
260-6 Staffing Policy and Procedures(PDF, 170KB)
260-7 File Tracking Policy(PDF, 153KB)
260-8 Processing Time for Disbursements(PDF, 84KB)
260-9 Processing Manual Payments(PDF, 100KB)
260-10 Voicemail(PDF, 126KB)
260-11 Case Deletion Policy(PDF, 135KB)
260-12 Calendar Settings for City Prosecutor Monitored Diversion Prgs(PDF, 93KB)
260-14 Appearance Bonds in Diversion Cases(PDF, 78KB)
260-15 Lost, Found and Confiscated Items(PDF, 206KB)
260-16 Data Entry of Newly Hired Law Enforcement Officer, City/County Agents or Officers(PDF, 2MB)
260-17 Correcting Party Name in Aztec when First and Last name Transposed(PDF, 101KB)
260-18 Electronic and Photographic Coverage of Courts(PDF, 879KB)
260-20 Cashier Overages/Shortages(PDF, 212KB)
260-22 IT User Policy(PDF, 373KB)
260-23 Civil Traffic Hearings in Absentia(PDF, 1MB)
260-25 Probation Fees(PDF, 127KB)
260-26 User of the Court Mail System(PDF, 192KB)
260-27 Record Request Policy(PDF, 486KB)
260-28 Payment by Coins in Excess of Five Dollars ($5)(PDF, 190KB)
260-31 Home Detention for Violations Other Than DUI(PDF, 110KB)
260-32 Computer Locking Screen Saver Policy(PDF, 219KB)
260-33 Improved Compliance Assistance Program (ICAP) - Recall of Cases from the Fines Fees and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) Program(PDF, 236KB)