File an OEOP Complaint

Thank you for contacting OEOP (Office Of Equal Opportunity Programs). We are here to assist you and suggest you call our office first before completing a complaint form. There is a possibility you may need to be directed to a more appropriate agency or department better suited to addressing your complaint or concerns.

OEOP confidential line (520) 791-4593

ADA Accessibility Complaints

ADA Accessibility Complaint Form

ADA Accessibility Compliant Form-Spanish

ADA Discrimination Complaints

ADA Discrimination Complaint Form

ADA Discrimination Complaint Form-Spanish

Wrongful Conduct Complaints

Wrongful Conduct Complaint Form

Formulario de queja por conducta indebida en español

Discrimination Complaints (Employment, Public Accommodation or Housing)

Chapter 17 External Complaint Form

Chapter 17 External Complaint Form-Spanish

Limited English Proficiency Complaints

LEP Complaint Form

LEP Complaint Form-SPANISH

City Employees - Please use the OneTeam Portal to access forms


Please contact OEOP at (520) 791-4593 if you require a pdf or printed version of these on-line forms.