File an OEOP Complaint

Thank you for contacting OEOP (Office Of Equal Opportunity Programs). We are here to assist you and suggest you call our office first before completing a complaint form. There is a possibility you may need to be directed to a more appropriate agency or department better suited to addressing your complaint or concerns.

OEOP confidential line (520) 791-4593

ADA Accessibility Complaints

ADA Accessibility Complaint Form

ADA Accessibility Compliant Form-Spanish

ADA Discrimination Complaints

ADA Discrimination Complaint Form

ADA Discrimination Complaint Form-Spanish

Wrongful Conduct Complaints

Wrongful Conduct Complaint Form

Formulario de queja por conducta indebida en español

Discrimination Complaints

Employment - Public Accommodation - Housing (General)


Chapter 17 External Complaint Form

Chapter 17 External Complaint Form-Spanish

Housing (Source of Income) Complaints

HOUSING (Source of Income only) PRE-COMPLAINT Form

Housing Discrimination Form


Limited English Proficiency Complaints

LEP Complaint Form

LEP Complaint Form-SPANISH

City Employees - Please use the OneTeam Portal to access forms


Please contact OEOP at (520) 791-4593 if you require a pdf or printed version of these on-line forms.