Discount Program

Discount Program (for City residents only)

  • Discounts expire one year from the date of approved application.
  • The Discount Program Application form must be completed accurately and legibly.
  • All approved applications are subject to audit and may be required to re-present all documentation per Tucson City Code Section 2-22.1 9(a).
  • The Discount Program is in accordance with the Department’s Revenue and Pricing Policy adopted by Mayor and Council.
  • Schedule an appointment or go in person to Registration Sservices, 920 S. Randolph Way, to apply for the Discount Program.
50% Discount Eligible Programs 25% Discount Eligible Passes
KIDCO (Afterschool and Summer) Swim Annual Pass
KIDCO Inclusion Center Quarterly and Annual Passes
Therapeutic Recreation Senior Activity Cards
Learn-to-Swim Lessons
Schools Out
In-betweener's Club

Eligibility Verification

The program benefits qualifying City of Tucson residents who, prior to registration, provide documentation for the following four requirements:

1) Applicant Identification Verification

Applicants must provide a picture ID with the same name that appears on the application. Acceptable forms may include:

  • Arizona Driver License/non-driver ID card with current City of Tucson address.
  • Government issued ID card – passport, military ID, tribal ID
  • SunGo Card with picture on it
  • Debit/Credit Card with picture on it

2) City of Tucson Resident Verification

Applicants must provide current documentation proving City of Tucson residency. Must be dated within the last 60 days. This must match the address provided for the application. A PO Box is not acceptable for an address. The name on this documentation must match ID. If your current address is not on your ID listed on #1, you must provide two of the following documents. Documentation may include:

  • Utility bill (electric, gas, water, land line phone)
  • Mortgage Statement/Company Rental lease agreement
  • Military base housing letter
  • If moving from a non-city resident to a city-resident, the above new documentation is required.

3) Household Size Verification

Applicants must provide proof of the number of people residing in the household. Proof may include any combination of documents that has the names and/or number of people. This may include:

  • Previous year’s income tax return with W2 forms
  • Insurance card/Immunization record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Report card/school ID/school lunch program letter
  • D.E.S. Award Letter

4) Income Verification

Applicants must provide current/valid proof of household income, including all household members’ income sources. (wages, public assistance, retirement, disability, pension, veteran’s compensation, worker’s or unemployment compensation, child support, alimony, senior benefits, survivor benefits, etc). Acceptable proof may include:

  • Previous year’s income tax return with W2 forms
  • Environmental Services or Water award letter (automatic qualifier)
  • Two paystubs dated within last 30 days
  • Unemployment check stub within last 30 days
  • D.E.S. award letter – food stamps, cash assistance (AHCCCS award letter not accepted)
  • Social Security/Disability letter

Income Requirements

Review the income eligibility requirements below to determine if you qualify for the Discount Program. The table is adopted from the U.S. Department of Labor and matches SunTran, Tucson Water, and Environmental Services eligibility requirements. (Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) as of Oct. 1, 2020)

Reduction Poverty Level 50% & 25% Reductions (175%)
Number of Persons in Household Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $25,515 $2,126
2 $34,510 $2,876
3 $43,505 $3,625
4 $52,500 $4,375
5 $61,495 $5,125
6 $70,490 $5,874
7 $79,485 $6,624
8 $88,480 $7,373
For each additional person, add ($): $8,995