Traffic Related Information

Traffic Watch

Report unsafe driving behavior by calling 911 for immediate officer response or through Traffic Watch, an online form which an officer reviews to later contact the registered owner of the vehicle.

Hands Free Ordinance

“Hands-free use” means the use of a mobile communication device or portable electronic device without the use of either hand by employing an internal feature of, or an attachment to, the device.

“Mobile communication device” and “portable electronic device” are wireless communication devices designed to engage in calls; and/or receive and transmit text, images, and/or data; but excludes devices that are physically or electronically integrated into a motor vehicle and are operated hands-free so that the user composes, sends, accesses, communicates or receives messages or data without the use of a hand except to activate, deactivate or initiate the hands-free use.

“Operating a motor vehicle” means being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle on a highway or street and includes being temporarily stopped because of traffic, a traffic light or stop sign or otherwise. It excludes operating a motor vehicle when the vehicle has pulled over to the side of the road or off an active roadway and has stopped at a location in which the vehicle can safely remain stationary.

Access the Hands Free Ordinance in its entirety for specific information.

Police Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle officers are allowed to ride on the white line if they are conducting official business (ARS 28-903). Motorcycle officers can ride on the sidewalk or between lanes of traffic if they are conducting official business (ARS 28-904).

Child Passenger Seat Safety

520-837-7232 TPD Car Seat Assistance Line - Request information or assistance with child passenger safety (i.e. car seats or booster seats)

Leave your name, phone number and closest major intersection in the message.

A Car Seat Technician will get back to you as soon as possible.

Safety tips and additional car seat fitting information

Safe Kids Pima County.

How to Retrieve an Impounded Vehicle

Come to the Impound Lobby at the Westside Police Service Center at 1310 W. Miracle Mile, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays, with the required documents listed below.

Impounded as Evidence

Contact the case detective to obtain specific information on the release of your vehicle.

Impounded by any agency other than the Tucson Police Department?
You will need to contact that agency directly for assistance.

Documents required at the time of visit:

  1. A valid Driver License - We cannot release a vehicle to a person if their driver license does not show valid when run through a Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) database.
  2. Valid and current vehicle registration - If the vehicle was sold or the title was transferred after it was impounded, the vehicle will only be released after the full 20 day mandatory storage period.
  3. Title - If you are using a temporary registration permit, and are not the historically registered owner, you must bring the title to the vehicle to prove ownership.
  4. Title - If you are repossessing the vehicle, you will need to bring the title to prove you are the lien holder.
    You will also need:
  • An original notarized Authorization Letter
  • An original notarized Hold Harmless Letter
  • And an original Repossession Affidavit from MVD
  1. Proof of valid and current insurance - Must be vehicle-specific.
  2. Means to pay an Administrative Fee of $150 - We accept cash (no coins or split types of payment), cashier’s checks, credit and debit cards, and money orders. Cashier checks and money orders should be made out to “City of Tucson”.

Once you have met all the requirements

  • You will be given a release form.
  • You must present your release form, proof of identity, and ownership at the tow company.
  • You must pay all the associated towing and storage fees associated with the tow company.

The towing company will not release your vehicle until all fees are paid and appropriate paperwork from the Tucson Police Department is received. 

If you have difficulty in paying the towing and storage, but wish to retain ownership of your vehicle, you should contact the towing company and discuss the matter with them directly.


The amount charged for the Administrative Fee and daily storage are set and mandated by state law. The fees for the towing and mileage are set through a contract with the City of Tucson and the current towing vendor. Refer to the Notice of Impound (given to the driver at time of impound and/or sent via mail) for the current towing vendor and their contact information.

Administrative Fee - $150 payable to the City of Tucson

Storage Fee - $25 per day; per calendar day and any portion of a calendar day

Towing and mileage fee– Contact the current contracted vendor. This fee is paid directly to the towing company.


If you feel your vehicle was improperly impounded, you may request a hearing from the Tucson Police Department either in writing or in person. According to ARS 28-3514 (6G), a request for a hearing must be received within 10 days from the date on the Notice of Impound. If your request is received after that time, you will not be granted a hearing.

Impound hearings -

  • Conducted by the Impound Unit Sergeant of the Tucson Police Department and may be conducted telephonically or in person.
  • There is no fee or charge for a hearing and an attorney is not required as the process is informal.
  • You will be required to articulate why your vehicle was impounded improperly. The outcome of any criminal or civil traffic citation will have no bearing on the impoundment of your vehicle.

Release Timeframes

State law dictates specific conditions to release a vehicle prior to the mandatory 20 days - personal hardships cannot be considered. In addition to a valid and current driver’s license, registration, and vehicle specific insurance, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must have been listed as an owner on the title in the MVD computer at the time of impound. If you sell the vehicle or change the name on the title after the vehicle was impounded, the new owner will not qualify for an early release.
  • If you own the vehicle, but have not yet transferred the title into your name, in order to have the vehicle released early you will have to prove to our satisfaction that you owned the vehicle at the time it was impounded. This can be accomplished by an original notarized bill of sale or an original notarized title. If the title is changed while the vehicle is in impound, this will result in your vehicle remaining for the entire mandatory 20 day period.

If your vehicle was impounded due to:

Revoked/Cancelled, or No Driver’s License:

  • The registered owner was the driver and their driver’s license has been reinstated;
  • The registered owner or their spouse was not the driver, and is willing to appear in person with a valid driver’s license to sign an “Agreement of Operations” stating they will only allow the vehicle to be driven legally by a driver with a valid driver’s license.
    The registered owner is responsible for all fees associated.

Extreme/Aggravated DUI or a driver under 21 with alcohol in their system (State law only requires probable cause to be established):

  • The vehicle will not be released early if the registered owner was the driver;
  • The registered owner or their spouse was not the driver, and is willing to appear in person with a valid driver’s license to sign an “Agreement of Operations” stating they will only allow the vehicle to be driven legally by a driver with a valid driver’s license.

An ignition interlock violation:

  • If the registered owner was the driver, and has had the interlock installed while in impound, present documentation showing the device is now installed;
  • The registered owner or their spouse was not the driver, and is willing to appear in person with a valid driver’s license to sign an “Agreement of Operations” stating they will only allow the vehicle to be driven legally by a driver with a valid driver’s license.


Rentals If the vehicle was a rental (registered under ARS 28-2166) and was being driven by a renter:

  • An employee of the rental agency with proper credentials, and identification, must present all required documents, along with a valid rental contract and a notarized letter on company letterhead authorizing the employee to recover the vehicle on the company’s behalf.

Parking Services, Repair Garages, or Business Vehicles
If an employee of a parking service, repair garage or business was operating the vehicle (“subject to bailment”) when it was impounded, the registered owner may claim the vehicle with proper documentation.

Lien Holders

If you are the lien holder (Repossession information) :

  • Lien holders must meet the requirements of ARS 28-3512.D, E, F and G. The lien holder must have been listed as the lien holder on the MVD record at the time of the tow or impound in order to be granted a release. The lien must still be in force in order for the lien holder to qualify.
  • Must provide a Repossession Affidavit and Letter of Authorization/Hold Harmless form to obtain a release. Documents must be the original notarized documents.

Off-Road Violation Impounding

* If you were cited for an “off-road” violation (TC 11-70.1) and your vehicle was impounded, you should have been given a court date at Tucson City Court within 48 hours of the violation.

At that hearing the judge will determine if your vehicle will be released and if you will pay the towing and storage costs. Per ARS 28-3511, this impound is not subject to the mandatory 20 days.

*You do not need paperwork from the Tucson Police Department, prior to obtaining your vehicle in (this instance only)

Letter of Authorization

A Letter of Authorization is a letter from the vehicle owner, to the Tucson Police Department, authorizing a specific individual (agent) to obtain the release for a specific vehicle.

The letter must include:

  1. The complete legal name and date of birth of the agent
  2. A complete description of the vehicle, to include year, make, model, body style, color, and VIN.
  3. The letter must be notarized and must be an original. Copies of a notarized letter with not be accepted.

You must complete the steps above to obtain your vehicle. A tow company will not release a vehicle at any time without paperwork from the Tucson Police Department.

Oversize/Overweight Load Permits

Required for:

  • Overhangs exceeding 3 feet front overhang and/or 3 feet rear overhang
  • Escort vehicles are required when overall dimensions exceed either 14 feet in width, 90 feet in length, 15 feet in height, and/or 20 feet front or rear overhang.

Get a Permit

In person
1310 W. Miracle Mile, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays.
For faster service, fax the paperwork to the office (520-837-7333) and you can be notified when the permit is ready for pick up.

Online Forms

  • Non-Truck Route/Oversize/Overweight Permit
  • Envelope Permit
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Mobile Home Permit

Transport Restrictions

Oversize/overweight loads may not be moved

  • Between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., or 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Or on City of Tucson holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Oversize/Overweight loads may only move on weekends & holidays with special permission from the Chief of Police or his/her designee.

Escort information and guidelines can be obtained through the Arizona Department of Transportation.

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