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Easement Emergency Access Procedure
Easement Non-Emergency Access Procedure

New Services

(new service requests, construction meters, etc.)
Tucson Economic Advancement Center
201 N. Stone Ave.
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

New Development

(plan review submittals)
Tucson Economic Advancement Center
201 N. Stone Ave.
8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Online Services 

Tucson Development Center

New Development Plan Review Process

Tucson Water’s goals for new development:

Return 100% of all Master Plan reviews within 30 calendar days of submittal. Return 100% of all Developer Design Plan reviews within 15 calendar days of submittal.

The links below are for developers preparing water plans for new development.

Service Area Policy
Overview of TW's Water Plan Submittal Processes(PDF, 80KB)
Master Plan Checklist(PDF, 628KB)
Instructions for Water Plan Checklist - First Design Review(PDF, 2MB)
First Design Checklist(PDF, 327KB)
General Construction Notes(PDF, 34KB)
Cost Estimate & Material Take-Off(PDF, 82KB)
Procedure for Revising an Approved Tucson Water Plan(PDF, 175KB)
Revision Description Form(PDF, 23KB)
Changing a Plan to Include Phasing(PDF, 12KB)
Plan Review Fee Schedule(PDF, 102KB)


Design and Construction Standards

Tucson Water Design Standards Manual
Standard Specifications & Details Manual
Standard Operating Procedure for Construction Inspections(PDF, 2MB)
Easements, Utility Service Agreements, Common Areas, Private Streets and Public Rights-Of-Way(PDF, 30KB)
Developer Project Procedures(PDF, 26KB)

Services and Fees

Water Meter Sizing Guidelines(PDF, 271KB)
Residential Meter Downsizing Request(PDF, 178KB)
Current Water Meter Installation and Miscellaneous Fees (effective July 1, 2013)
System Equity Fee (effective July 2, 2012)
CAP Water Resource Fee (effective July 2, 2012)
Pre-Annexation Development Agreement Fees (effective July 1, 2021)
Diamond Bell Isolated Water System Fee (effective December 27, 2005)
Santa Rita Bel Air Isolated Water System Fee (effective August 10, 2021)
Peppertree Water System Fee
Tucson Water’s Fire Hydrant Locking Program

Tucson Water Distribution Design:Tucson Water Distribution Design:

Information for Public Agency/Utility Plan Submittal/Review

Work by public agencies or utilities in public right-of-ways/easements that have potential conflict with Tucson Water facilities require submittal of plans to Tucson Water for review. TW Distribution Design reviews plans from public agencies and utilities for conformance with Tucson Water standards. Plan submittals should be sent from the public agency or utility company coordinator or project manager. Direct submittal by design consultants on behalf of the agency/utility company shall include written authorization from the coordinator or project manager of public agency or utility company.

Plan submittals shall include the agency/utility company contact information, project design & construction schedule, cost estimate, plans, specifications, etc. Distribution Design may request additional information to be included with the submittal, depending on the complexity of the project.

Send your submittal by an email with the pdf files attached to or deliver your digital media (cd, dvd, etc.) to Tucson Water, Attn: Distribution Design, 310 W. Alameda St., 2nd Floor, Tucson, Arizona, 85701.

Design Standards Illustrations (DSI)(PDF, 8MB)
DD-DSI(ZIP, 23MB) (AutoCAD file; download and save to hard drive/server by right-clicking and selecting Save/Save As)
ZIP file with template folders/files(ZIP, 4MB) (download and save to hard drive/server by right-clicking and selecting Save/Save As)
DSI Template Transmittal(PDF, 169KB) (updated Jan. 2020; memo contains listing of files included in Distribution Design Drawing Template download)

CIP and Water System Modifications plans shall comply with the current DSI that is posted on the Tucson Water website for all new projects starting in January 2020. For active projects for CIP and Water System Modifications which have started prior to January 2020, contact Tucson Water Distribution Design at (520) 837-2127 for questions.

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