Free Bike Rack Program

Black and white cartoon drawing of multiple bikes in a bike rack outside of a business that is very busy


What is it?  

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation & Mobility (DTM) provides free bike racks upon request, as long as certain requirements are met. DTM can also install bike racks in the public rights-of-way. 

Who can request free bike racks?  

Businesses and private institutions in the Tucson region that are open to the public.  

Where can the racks go?  

Within 50 feet of a building’s public entrance in a location that is accessible to the public at all times and maximizes public benefit. If the best location for the racks is in the public right-of-way, DTM will install them at no charge. If the best location is on private property, the business can still receive free racks, but DTM does not do installation.  

Why get free bike racks?  

Good bike parking has several benefits for businesses and their patrons, including:  

  • Increased total parking that improves access for your customers 

  • Communication to customers that your business is bike friendly  

  • A more orderly streetscape that preserves the pedestrian right-of-way  

  • People on bikes tend to be more frequent customers of businesses, and when they park, they don’t take car parking spaces away from those who choose to drive. 



Two people with their bikes placing within Bike Racks Outside Business.jpeg


Having secure and convenient places to park a bicycle at local destinations is essential in encouraging people to make more trips by bike. The City of Tucson Department of Transportation & Mobility (DTM) promotes greater options for those making trips by bike, in part by adding bicycle parking throughout the City of Tucson and greater Pima County region. DTM has installed over 500 new bike racks since 2014! 

Free Bicycle Racks 

The Director of the Department of Transportation signed the Bike Rack Distribution Policy(PDF, 348KB) in 2013 to provide new bike racks to Tucson businesses who request them. Businesses need to request bike parking and DTM Staff will evaluate the proposed site to determine the best location and type of bike parking is needed. If the best location is on the sidewalk or public right-of-way, DTM staff will install the racks. If the best location is on private property, the business is eligible to receive racks free of charge that they must then install. 

On-Street Bike Corrals 

Businesses and well-traveled areas along 4th Avenue, the University of Arizona and Downtown Tucson have shown a strong need for bicycle parking. One solution to serve this need is a designated on-street corral for bicycle parking where multiple racks are installed in the same area as one vehicular parking spot. These corrals create accessible bike parking close to a business entrance that can now encourage additional customers to conveniently arrive by bike. 

To request a location for a new bike rack or corral, email Benjamin Elías at or call 520-508-4321