Community Court

Community Court

To promote fair treatment of affected individuals, to improve public safety through appropriate and meaningful behavioral health interventions and to provide proper education and training to judges, lawyers, court staff, and cross-system partners at the intersection of behavioral health and the Tucson criminal justice system. Community Court will enhance public safety through criminal justice and community collaboration to ensure offender accountability through appropriate and meaningful behavioral health interventions.




  • Improve safety and quality of life for all community members in Tucson.
  • Reduce re-offending
  • Enhance trust of the community in the justice system
  • Increase efficiency


Participation in Tucson Community Court is strictly voluntary.  Individuals are fit for this court if their eligible offense was committed within the designated geographic area.  Persons who are cited, are asked to complete a risk assessment to determine the proper level of supervision, aid, and meaningful behavioral health intervention that each unique individual will need to succeed in the program, and into the future. 

The intent of Tucson Community Court is to increase public safety through criminal justice and community collaboration.  The Court will encourage social service providers and criminal justice professionals to work together to strengthen and grow our community.

Tucson Community Court will assist in connecting community members with services that can address their needs and help them move out of the criminal justice system. For those who are willing to invest the time and energy to participate in this program, the rewards can be significant and lasting.


•             Drinking in Public

•             Criminal Trespass 2nd and 3rd Degree

•             Soliciting in a median

•             Smoking marijuana in public

•             Parks Charges

•             Urinating/Defecating in Public

•             Shoplifting

•             Unlawful possession of paraphernalia

•             False Reporting

•             City Code Non-Victim Criminal Charges


GEOGRAPHIC AREA SERVED: The entire 85705 and 85701 zip codes.

Contact Information.

Address: 103 E Alameda Street, Tucson AZ 85701

Room: Courtroom #2

Phone: (520) 791-4216     




Hours of operation:

Fridays 1:30pm – 3:45PM

Community members without a citation or arrest are encouraged to use our on-site services.