If you qualify for restitution, you must complete and submit the Essential Restitution Information Form as early in the process as possible.

Include copies of all bills, both property damage and medical. If the damage has not been repaired, please provide two estimates that show what the repairs would cost.

Send this information by one of the following methods:

City Prosecutor's Office/VX
PO Box 27210
Tucson, AZ, 85726-7210


Hand deliver:
103 E. Alameda, Suite 501.

What is Restitution

By law, when criminal charges have been filed, as a crime victim you may be eligible for repayment of some of your expenses if you have suffered property damage or physical injury resulting in some expense to you

What May be Compensated?

Restitution through Tucson City Court is for documented out-of-pocket expenses, such as repair or replacement costs and medical bills and must be documented with canceled checks, written damage estimates, receipts, etc. The victim may also be compensated for wages lost during attendance at the bench trial.

Any damages that the City Court judge may order will be paid to the court first and then forwarded to the victim.

Pain and suffering damages, or punitive damages, would have to be recovered in a civil law suit. Failure to seek or recover restitution in City Court does not disqualify a victim or a victim’s insurance company from seeking civil damages in the appropriate civil court.

  1. Common charges that qualify for restitution:
  • Some domestic violence charges:
    1. DV-Assault with Injury
    2. DV-Criminal Damage
    3. DV-Endangerment with damage or injury.
  • Non-Domestic violence charges:
    1. Assault with Injury
    2. Biting Dog
    3. DUI/BAC/X-DUI (physical injury or property damage)
    4. Endangerment (with injury or property damage)
    5. Graffiti
    6. Shoplifting or Theft where goods are damaged or not returned
    7. Criminal Damage
  • Only the following title 28 criminal misdemeanor traffic offenses are eligible for City Court-ordered restitution:
    1. DUI BAC/X-DUI (with property damage or physical injury)
    2. Reckless Driving (with property damage or physical injury)
    3. Moving violations involving serious physical injury or death (ARS 28-672) but the cap is $10,000

All other Title 28 violations are not eligible for restitution.

Timely Request

To ensure that the court considers your request for restitution, you or your insurance company must submit this information as early as possible in the legal proceedings.

If you are requesting restitution it is in your best interests to be present at the pretrial. Please press firmly. Keep the pink copy for your records.

Rights of Insurance Companies

Your insurance company may also be eligible for repayment.

A Tucson City Court judge determines whether restitution (repayment) is to be awarded to the victim and/or the victim’s insurance company. You are responsible for notifying your insurance representative.

If you Still Have Questions

If you or your insurance company has any questions:
Call 520-791-5483 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or leave a message after hours.

Be prepared to state:

  1. Defendant’s name
  2. The docket number
  3. The insurance company and claim number when you call.

If you leave a message, please include your phone number with the above information.

Victim Compensation Fund

The Crime Victim Compensation provides financial assistance to crime victims who have suffered a financial loss as the direct result of a crime.

See the Pima County Attorney's website for detailed information.

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