The Diversion programs are run in collaboration with the The Center for Life Skills Development and the Tucson City Prosecutor's Office.

Diversion provides many first-time offenders an opportunity to participate in relevant counseling rather than proceeding through the court system and establishing a criminal record.

Through counseling and classes, participants are guided toward alternative methods of managing and understanding the kind of behavior that lead to criminal activity. Participants who successfully complete diversion receive a dismissal of the misdemeanor charge(s) from Tucson City Court and avoid a criminal record.

How it Happens

Prosecutors offer eligible defendants the diversion option in court. Participants cited with substance abuse charges attend substance abuse counseling. Participants cited for shoplifting, disorderly conduct, theft, etc., attend adult responsibility classes. Participants cited for specific animal code violations attend a humane education class.

In addition to collecting appropriate program fees and documents, Center for Life Skills tracks defendants’ progress in counseling, takes appropriate action with those who fail to comply with program requirements, and prepares the documentation when defendants successfully complete the diversion program. The cost of the program is $275.00, payable upon registration. Additional fees may apply.

What Are The Advantages Of A Diversion Program?

Upon successful completion of the program, your charges will be dismissed and you will have NO criminal conviction. Additionally, your case will NOT go to trial. You will NOT pay a fine above and beyond the program fees. You will be evaluated for the need and type of counseling appropriate to your offense.

You will typically complete a counseling program consisting of a one-day, 7½ hour class in the least serious cases. Additional counseling will apply for those participating in Monitored Diversion. f restitution applies, you will be required to pay restitution up front to the victim through Life Skills.

What Does The Diversion Program Offer?

Treatment or education to deter offenders from committing further criminal acts.

Eligible offenders are held accountable for their actions by paying a fee to the program. The fee covers: the cost of the education classes, the cost of treatment, and the cost of prosecution.

Restitution payments to the victims if this requirement is a condition of diversion.

The program is considered successfully completed once all fees and restitution are paid, counseling and treatment is completed and all other conditions of the plea agreement have been met.

Upon completion, the Prosecutor's Office will file a notice of successful completion with City Court and request that all charges be dismissed. Please note that participants who fail to meet all of the requirements of the diversion program in a timely manner, as indicated by the City Prosecutor's Office, will be removed from the program at the prosecutor's sole discretion, and be sentenced according to the terms of the plea agreement.

Who Is Eligible For Diversion?

A defendant who has not previously enrolled in and completed the Prosecutor’s Diversion Program of the specific diversion type offered.

  1. The victim is not 15 years of age or younger, unless authorized by a prosecutor.
  2. No injury other than minor injury resulted from the current charges and the charges did not involve endangering, threatening or harassing behavior.
  3. No weapons or dangerous instrument was involved in the current charge.
  4. The current charge did not involve a domestic couple, relationship, hate crime, a victim who was a police officer on duty, or graffiti or gang-related activity, unless authorized by a prosecutor.

In all cases, the prosecutor will make the ultimate decision.

What Is The Cost Of The Diversion Program?

  • Intake, evaluation, referral and reports to the Court: $ 75.00
  • Counseling /class fees: $ 50.00
  • City fee to cover prosecution costs: $ 150.00

Total cost of diversion program: $ 275.00

Possible charges not included in the costs of the program listed above include restitution were applicable, monthly assessments for Monitored Diversion, and other fees related to the diversion program.

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