Civil Traffic Court Information

Civil traffic citations issued by the Tucson Police Department are handled in Tucson City Court. Listed below are options available to resolve your traffic court case.

Responsible Plea

The word "responsible" is used with civil traffic and civil infractions while the word "guilty" is used with criminal violations. A responsible plea is admitting you agree with the citation issued to you.


Pay the amount of the sanction/fine by mail, on-line, by phone or in-person, on or before your court date, unless otherwise stated on the information envelope given to you by the police officer. If you did not receive an information envelope, you can view the Civil Traffic Bond Card(PDF, 286KB) online. To pay your sanction/fine by credit card, call (520) 791-4216. Refer to the How To Make Fine Payments section for additional information. Defensive Driving School: Arizona statutes allow you to remove one traffic violation from your record by completing a defensive driving class, if you are eligible. Refer to the How to Sign Up for Defensive Driving School section for additional information.


This option is available in lieu of fine payment for civil traffic citations, except insurance and registration (28-2532A) citations. You must appear in court to obtain information for this option.

Not Responsible Plea

If you select this option -- you wish to contest the citation issued to you and schedule a hearing before a judge.

Please note: Setting a hearing means you lose your privilege to attend Defensive Driving School

If you request a hearing(PDF, 102KB) , it will be scheduled about three - four weeks from the date your request is received and you will receive written notification of your scheduled date. On the date of your hearing:

  1. your name will be posted on the court calendar located in the courtyard of Tucson City Court
  2. search for your name on court calendar to determine the location of your court hearing

It is recommended to appear at Court at least 15 minutes before your scheduled hearing time. Arriving early will allow you time to find your assigned courtroom.

If you are unable to locate your name on the court calendar, seek assistance at the Information Desk in Public Services lobby, room 104.

To reschedule your court hearing, refer to the "Ask judge (file motion)" . . . section.

You have the option to be represented by an attorney or you may present your own case at your hearing. If you decide to have an attorney represent you, you must notify the Court, in writing, ten days prior to your hearing. You cannot be represented by someone who is not an attorney.


Juveniles must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when appearing in court.

FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT OR RESPOND BY MAIL on or before court date will result in suspension of your driving privileges. The Court will notify the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicle Division of your failure to respond to your traffic citation.