Service Line Warranty

In 2014, Tucson’s Mayor and Council directed staff to proceed with implementing the Service Line Warranty Program offered through our affiliation with the National League of Cities (NLC). 

This voluntary water and sewer line warranty program is available to homeowners within the Tucson city limits who are interested in purchasing repair protection. The warranty program provides coverage for the homeowner’s repair costs for leaking, clogged, or broken water or sewer service lines. Please note that there are separate policies for water lines and for sewer lines.  

Why the City of Tucson Participates In the Program

Homeowners are responsible for water and sewer lines from the point of the utility connection to the home exterior.  Often, home owners are not aware of this and when they have a problem with these lines, they will call the City to come out and fix them. The City cannot pay to repair private property and a repair may cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars to fix. This can put many homeowners in a financial bind in which the City is unable to assist.

This program has given the City a way to increase awareness of utility line responsibility, at no cost to the City, through the twice yearly mailings to homeowners, and offers a voluntary solution for homeowners that would like to be covered in the event of a problem. Not every homeowner would like to sign up for this type of service, but the City wants homeowners to know that it is an option that is available to each homeowner in our community. 

What Does This Cost the City and Why is the City Logo on the Envelope

The City of Tucson spends no money on this program.  All of the mailings are paid for by Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) which is a division of HomeServe.  The City actually makes a little money on this program through a .50 cent per month royalty on each active policy.  The royalty is returned to the City annually by SLWA and Mayor and Council directed, back in 2014 when the program started, that the revenues generated be used for Parks improvements and repairs city-wide so that the dollars would benefit the entire community.

The City of Tucson logo is used on the envelopes to ensure that community members are aware that this is a program authorized by the City of Tucson through our relationship with the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program operated by SLWA.

How Did SLWA Get My Address

SLWA uses an address aggregating service to obtain mailing addresses within the Tucson zip codes.  Tucson Water does not provide any customer information to the company.  The City of Tucson provides no address or constituent information to the company.  We sometimes receive calls or emails from constituents that they recieved a letter for a person that no longer owns the home they are in or that may have passed away and they are concerned that we have incorrect information about their home or utility services.  That is not the case as the address information did not come from Tucson Water or the City of Tucson.  It is due to the aggregator information being out of date from whatever sources they obtain that data. If you would like your name removed from the mailing list: call 866-922-9006 or email 

To Learn More Please Refer to the Service Line Warranties Web Site