About Us

Mission: To deliver unparalleled equitable service to our community and our public safety partners to ensure a timely and accurate response to those in need of emergency services.  

2022 Annual Report 

What We Do

PSCD manages the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center for the City of Tucson, handling 1,115,261 calls annually and dispatching emergency services for the following agencies:

  • Tucson Police Department
  • Tucson Fire Department
  • South Tucson Police Department
  • South Tucson Fire Department
  • Northwest Fire Department
  • Golder Ranch Fire Department
  • Avra Valley Fire Department
  • Picture Rocks Fire Department
  • Three Points Fire Department
  • Rincon Valley Fire Department 
  • Mount Lemmon Fire Department

Contact Us  

Sharon McDonough, Director: 520-837-2972 
Mike Garcia, Deputy Director: 520-837-2970 
Geoffrey Kuhn, Deputy Director: 520-837-2958
Alec Gee, Management Assistant: 520-837-2950 
Ana Corcoran, Administrator: 520-837-2944
Mandy Mason, Administrator: 520-837-2941 
Richard Pegues, Administrator: 520-837-2963 
Jennifer Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant: 520-837-4312 

Other Important Safety Contacts 

Tucson Police Department (TPD) General Information: 520-791-4444  

Online TPD Reports: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/apps/crime-reporting/ 

Request for Police Reports: tpdpublicrecords@tucsonaz.gov  

Tucson Fire Department (TFD) General Information: 520-791-4512