Residential Services

Residential trash and recycling services are offered to customer's within the City limits living in a single-family residence or a multi-family dwelling with 4 unit or less.

Each week, Environmental and General Services collect trash and recycling from City residents. Containers are emptied Monday through Friday depending on where you live. Find Your Trash & Recycling Pickup Day below and search if you can recycle something! 

2024-Recycling-Schedule-and-Map(PDF, 673KB)

During holiday weeks, collection may be delayed by one day. Residential customers are charged a monthly fee(PDF, 100KB), which is included in their utility services bill. The standard fee pays for weekly trash collection and disposal, every-other-week recycling, Brush & Bulky Collection (twice a year), and neighborhood clean-ups. Additional fees can provide the customer with the Household Hazardous Waste program and special Brush & Bulky services.

Order service, containers or to report any problem

Questions about residential services? Call Customer Service at 791-3171 or e-mail