Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2002

Adopted Budget 2002

The City of Tucson budget documents are in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Executive Summary(PDF, 14MB)

The Executive Summary is an overview to the adopted budget. Included in this document are brief descriptions of the Livable Tucson Goals, budget policies, community statistical data for each department, and a capital budget summary.

Volume I - Adopted Biennial Budget Summary(PDF, 7MB)

This document includes the City Manager's Message and summary information on the adopted operating and capital budgets.  The Community Statistical Profile section provides demographic data on Tucson and comparable cities in the region.

Volume II - Adopted Biennial Budget Operating Detail(PDF, 6MB)

This document provides the detail for department budgets. Each section includes the department mission statement, an overview of the department including its support for Livable Tucson Goals, and financial and personnel resources and funding summaries.

Volume IIA - Adopted Biennial Budget Operating Appendices A & B(PDF, 4MB)

Appendix A displays each department's position resources for the Adopted Biennial Budget.

Appendix B displays each department's financial summary and character of expenditures.

Volume III – Approved Five Year Capital Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2002 through 2006(PDF, 22MB)

This document contains the capital budget detail. There are two major sections:

Letter of Transmittal includes the City Manager's Messages, which provide a description of the capital program and its impact on the Community.

Department Programs presents each department’s capital budget. Included are project and funding summaries by program area, and a description of each project, its funding sources and project costs.