Hard to Recycle Plastics Orange Bin

Hard-to-recycle plastics are those that generally cannot go in your curbside blue recycling bin. These are composed of mixed plastics and make the process of isolating them for recycling difficult. The list below consists of those plastics which can be accepted in the "Plastic Only" program and not in the Blue Bin.

Drop Off Locations

  • Ward 2 Office, 7820 E. Broadway
  • Ward 4 Office, 8123 E. Poinciana Drive
  • Ward 6 Office, 3202 E. 1st Street
  • Fire Station 15, 1925 S. San Antonio Drive

Accepted Items:

Bread bags, candy wrappers, snack packaging, can holders, plastic and reusable bags, coffee bean bags, trash bags, bubble wrap, film, air pouches, utensils, straws, plastic plates, cups, table liners, coffee lids, and specialty drink cups