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Too Good To Throw Away - Recycling Education

Do you teach Grades 1-5 in the City of Tucson? There are free presentations available for your classroom. The recycling curriculum—Too Good To Throw Away (Grades 1-5), has resources available for download.

Talking Trash in Tucson for Grades 6-8

Talking Trash in Tucson is a three-part recycling education program designed for 6th-8th grade students in the City of Tucson. Students learn about the Do More Blue recycling program, the 3Rs and waste diversion, and how to take action to make a difference in their decisions related to the waste they generate. Talking Trash in Tucson includes a pre-visit lesson, a hands-on and interactive classroom presentation (designed to fit into a typical 50-60 minute classroom period), and a post-visit lesson. The post-visit lesson includes the opportunity to enter the Do More Blue Everyday poster contest in which the winner's poster will be enlarged and displayed on a City of Tucson collection truck.