Senior Olympics Festival - Billiards


Events: Singles
Date: Tuesday, Jan. 23
Site: Pockets Billiards, 1062 S. Wilmot Rd.
Schedule: 9 a.m. Start Time
Check-In: 30 min. before game time
Fees: $8/person

Event Coordinator: Anyssa Holguin,

Entry Regulations:

  • Men and women could compete together based on low registration numbers.
  • Competition will be in five-year age groups beginning with 50-54.


Event Details


  • Double Elimination.
  • The game of “8 ball” is played.
  • Players with no competition in their age group may play in the next younger age group.
  • Pool cues available at no cost.

Sports Rules:

Check for format changes.

Arizona Senior Olympics and Billiard Congress of America (BCA) rules apply.

  • Gentlemen’s Call
  • The Rack
  • The Break
  • Legal Break
  • Scratch on a Legal Break
  • 8-Ball Pocketed on Break
  • Head String Rule
  • Open Table
  • Choice of Stripes or Solids
  • Legal Shot
  • Safety Play
  • Fouls
  • Foul Penalty
  • Combination Shots
  • Illegally Pocketed Balls stay pocketed
  • & loss of turn.
  • Object Balls Jumped off the Table
  • Object Ball Frozen to the Cushion
  • Loss of Game

Senior Olympic Games event.