Senior Olympics Festival - Cribbage


Event: Cribbage
Date: Wednesday, Jan. 24
Site: Clements Regional Center, 8155 E. Poinciana Dr.
Schedule: 1 p.m. Start Time
Check-In: 30 minutes before start time
Fees: $8/person
Event Coordinator: David Kaye, (520) 791-4931,

Entry Regulations:
  • Men and women compete together.
  • All ages compete together.
  • Personal cribbage boards are welcome.


Event Details

Format: Walk-up registration allowed.

  • The cards shall be cut at the beginning of each game. Low card deals. Both players must cut the deck for the deal. Ace is low.
  • The cards should be offered for a cut before a deal is started. If not, there is no penalty.
  • No Player shall examine the bottom card before the deal is started. If not, there is no penalty.
  • A misdeal shall be declared if a card becomes exposed during the course of the deal. There is no penalty involved.
  • The object is to peg 120 holes plus one to win the game.
  • The player with the crib counts last after the opponent’s hand has been counted.
  • The player that pegs 121 points first wins the game and no further pegging can be done by an opponent.
  • Points missed by one player cannot be taken by an opponent.
  • The winner of the game gets 121 points and the opponent only gets holes he/she has actually pegged.
  • In the event that points are pegged in excess of the proper count of the hand, the peg must be returned to the proper count before play is resumed.
  • No ruling on pegging the wrong way. Each player must agree on correcting any mistakes made. Watch your pegging!
  • The Jack, when cut, counts as two points at any time, except when cutting for the deal. A player may go out on the Jack cut and the pegging stops immediately.
  • Any individual player wishing to make a protest will be required to do so before the next hand is dealt.
  • Score sheets must be cross-checked and initialed by the opposing players at each table after each game is played. Scores can be turned in at the end of the session.
  • No kibitzing or giving advice while standing or watching a player who is playing an authorized game.
  • Medals will be given for total points.