Senior Olympics Festival - Euchre


Event: Euchre
Date: Tuesday, Jan. 23
Site: Donna Liggins Rec Center, 2160 N. 6th Ave.
Schedule: 9 a.m. start time
Check-In: 30 minutes before start time
Fees: $8/event
Event Coordinators: Jeff Graham, (520) 791-3247

Entry Regulations:

  • Men and women compete together.
  • All ages compete together.

Event Details


  • Walk-up registration is allowed.
  • Singles competition is played with a four-handed partnership game.

Sports Rules:

Strategy of Euchre

  • The fairly probable tricks in the hand usually justify “taking action”. It is correct to expect a partner to furnish one trick. Any three trumps are a “take” and A or K is a fair try. At a 0-0 score, however, neither the opponent or the dealer should accept the turn-up with-out three very probable tricks, for his/her side will have the first chance to make it if the turn-up is rejected. For the same reason, the dealer should take it up if he/she can, even at some risk.
  • Advanced scores often compel special tactics. With the score 4-2 or 4-1, the side “at the bridge” (having 4 points) will often accept the turn-up regardless of the cards. The idea is to be the maker; opponents can then score at most 2 points for euchre. But if an opponent becomes the make, he/she might play alone, make march, and thus win the game.
  • If the opening leader has two or more trumps, he/she should usually lead one. Otherwise, he/she should usually open a plain suit in which he/she has no high card, rather than one in which he/she has. In following to a lead, try to win the trick (or let your partner win) at all costs. Holding up a high card for a possible later trick in a suit once led is a losing policy.


Event Results

Event results will be posted following the completion of the event.