Senior Olympics Festival - Horseshoes


Event: Horseshoes Clay Pits
Date: Saturday, Jan. 13
Site: Reid Park/Horseshoe Pit, Country Club at 22nd St. (across from Mcdonald's)
Schedule: 10 a.m. start time
Check-In: 30 minutes before start time
Fees: $8/person
Event Coordinator: BJ Benjamine, (520) 907-7116

Entry Regulations:

  • Men and women compete Separately.
  • Competition will be in Five year increments beginning with 50-54.


Event Details


Walk-up registration allowed. Must check in by 9:30am and provide proof of age.

No late arrivals.

  • The tournament is double elimination.
  • All games are 21 points.
  • “No shows”, or those arriving after the first round is over will forfeit the game.


  • IF RENTING HORSESHOES, a $20 deposit with a Drivers License/State Issued picture ID WITH $15 refundable if horseshoes are returned with no damage. The money retained will go to the Tucson Horseshoe Pitchers Club, payable to the Event Coordinator at the time of event.
  • Event Coordinator has the right to handicap games between NHPA members when playing each other, if appropriate.
  • If a participant does not have any competition in their class they will still be required to throw one game or the Event Coordinator will assign another lone member from a different age or group/class to throw against them with each one winning their respective age or group/class.


Arizona Senior Olympic and National Senior Games event.

Event Results

Event results will be posted following the completion of the event.