Senior Olympics Festival - Swimming


Events: (Order of Events)

  • 200 Individual Medley
  • 50 Freestyle
  • 100 Backstroke
  • 50 Breaststroke
  • 100 Freestyle
  • 50 Backstroke
  • 100 Breaststroke
  • 50 Butterfly
  • 100 Individual Medley
  • 500 Freestyle

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 24
Site: Clements Pool, 8155 E. Poinciana Dr.
Schedule: 1 p.m. start time
Warm-Up: 30 minutes before event (12:30 p.m.)
Check-In: 1 hour before event (noon)

Fee: $5/event
Event Coordinator: Emma Dumont,

If wanting to register after the deadline (Dec. 29, 2023), call site coordinator. Registrations will be accepted through Thursday, Jan. 19, depending on space.

Entry Regulations:

  • Men and women compete separately.
  • Competition will be in five year increments beginning with 50-54


Event Details


  • The order of events is subject to change due to event participation.
  • All events are timed finals.

Sports Rules:

U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) rules will govern swimming events.

  • Any swimmer who uses any improper methods in order to gain an advantage over his/her competition will be disqualified from the event.
  • Starts – the forward start may be taken from the starting blocks, the pool deck or a push from the wall. The backstroke start is taken from the wall. Each competitor will be allowed one false start. A second false start will result in disqualification.
  • Turns – the breaststroke and butterfly must be done with both hands touching simultaneously. The backstroke requires some part of the swimmer to touch the wall at each turn while the freestyle requires some part of the body to touch the wall.
  • Butterfly – the appropriate stroke must be attempted. The whip kick or dolphin kick may be used exclusively or interchangeably while doing the butterfly stroke at any time during the race.
  • Breaststroke – appropriate stroke must be attempted.
  • Freestyle – any stroke may be swum.
  • Backstroke – appropriate stroke must be attempted. Stay on back except one stroke to wall for turns.
  • Medley – the order of strokes in the individual medley is butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and some stroke. Rules of the individual strokes govern turns.

Arizona Senior Olympic and National Senior Games event.