Senior Olympics Festival - Volleyball


Events: Coed, Men’s, Women’s
Dates: Saturday, Jan. 20 - Men’s / Women’s
Sunday, Jan. 21 - Coed
Site: Sahuaro High School Gymnasium, 545 N. Camino Seco (Overflow games may take place at Clements Center)
Schedule: 8:30 a.m. start time
Check-In: 30 min. before the match start time
Fees: $185/teamU
Event Coordinator: Marci Gregg,

Entry Regulations:

  • Team Entry Form must be completed by the Coach/Manager and submitted with the team’s entry fee, roster and completed waiver form.
  • Men and women compete separately.
  • Competition will be 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+ 70+ and 75+.
  • Team roster is limited to 15 players.

Event Details


  • Format depends on the number of teams in each age division.
  • Modified Pool Play: 1 set to 25 points.
  • Traditional Double Elimination (4 or less Teams): Guaranteed 2 tournament matches. Modified Double Elimination (5+ Teams): Guaranteed 2 tournament matches.
  • Age divisions may be combined in an attempt to allow every team to play.
  • If there is only one team in an age division this team must play an exhibition match to receive their medals.
  • Awards will be distributed within each division (even if divisions are combined).

Sport Rules:

  • USA Volleyball standard rules apply.
  • Shirts do not have to match but teams must have shirts with numbers on the front and on the back.
  • Teams must be on the court and ready to play when the referee starts the match. Teams risk forfeit of points in the set or match.
  • Matches will start 6 minutes after the previous match which includes team's shared warm up.
  • Teams will be scheduled as the working/ref team when not playing.