Home Based Business Requirements

Home occupations require approval through a PDSD Directors Approval Procedure, Sec. 3.3.3 of the UDC, and are subject to the following:

  1. A home occupation shall be clearly secondary to the residential use of the dwelling.
  2. A home occupation shall be conducted in such a manner that it is compatible with the residential character of the neighborhood in which it is located.
  3. No more than twenty-five (25) percent of all buildings on the lot may be devoted to the home occupation. A detached accessory building of not more than two hundred (200) square feet in area may be used for such home occupation.
  4. Persons other than those residing in the dwelling shall not be employed in the home occupation, except that one (1) nonresident of the premises may be employed in the IR, RH, SR, SH, O-2, O-3, NC, C-1, C-2, C-3, OCR-1, and OCR-2 zones. [Note: Partnerships and Corporations require Planning Department Approval]
  5. Goods related to the home occupation shall not be visible from the street.
  6. Goods shall not be sold on the premises.
  7. Outdoor storage of materials or equipment related to the home occupation activity is not permitted on the premises.
  8. Except for permitted signage, the home occupation use shall not substantially alter the exterior appearance or character of the residence in which it is conducted, either by exterior construction, lighting, graphics, or other means.
  9. No more than one (1) sign may be visible from the exterior of the property used as a home occupation. The sign shall not exceed one (1) square foot in size. Signs must also conform to Chapter 3 of the Tucson Code.
  10. A home occupation shall not create any nuisance, hazard, or other offensive condition, such as that resulting from noise, smoke, fumes, dust, odors, or other noxious emissions. Electrical or mechanical equipment that causes fluctuations in line voltage, creates any interference in either audio or video reception, or causes any perceivable vibration on adjacent properties is not permitted.
  11. No more than five (5) clients per day, and only one (1) client at a time, are allowed on site.
  12. Motor vehicle and bicycle parking is not required for home occupation - general application. The home occupation may involve the use of no more than one (1) commercial vehicle for the transportation of goods or materials to and from the premises. The commercial vehicle is limited to a passenger car, van, or pickup truck. This vehicle may not be more than twenty (20) feet in overall length and not more than seven (7) feet in overall height and must be parked on private property in a carport or garage or shielded from view from adjoining properties by landscaping, fencing, or screening material. Motor vehicle and bicycle parking necessitated by the conduct of such home occupation shall be provided on site.
  13. Automotive - Service and Repair, hair salon, and Medical Service uses are prohibited as home occupations.

Home Based Business Application(PDF, 44KB)

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