Occupancy Certificates

Certificate of Occupancy

  • Newly constructed, relocated, remodeled, or altered areas of a building
  • Changes in the use or the occupancy classification of a building, or portion of a building

If you require a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy, please check if one exists using our online records portal at the following link: https://pro.tucsonaz.gov/ using the property's address.

If a CofO is not available, you can submit a record request from the portal using the link at the top of the page or from your Tucson Development Center Online account at the following link:  https://tdc-online.tucsonaz.gov/

If a CofO does not exist for the property or to request a new CofO, you must register for an account through the TDC Online portal and apply for a Commercial Addition/Alteration Permit. In general, you must submit the following:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plan
  • Code analysis and egress plan prepared by a registered Arizona architect or engineer

 Upon completion of your project, request your CofO through your TDC-Online account.

NOTE: If you are moving into a space with the same type of use as a previous tenant and are not making changes to the space, you do not need a new CofO. The previous CofO should be used. PDSD does not use tenant names, only the type of business

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

A temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) may be issued If occupancy is needed before the full completion of a project.  The extent of occupancy granted is based on individual site conditions. To obtain a TCO, the following is required:

  • All life safety elements are complete, including a fully functional fire protection system (when applicable)
  • Any remaining construction activities on the site are separated from civilian activities
  • Schedule final inspections from each inspection group (Building, Site, and Fire) and request occupancy from the inspectors.  Businesses that include food service will also need Pima County Health Department authorization.
  • Request your TCO through your TDC-Online account and provide special inspection reports, water supply sterilization reports, and air balance reports (when applicable)
  • Upon approval of the application, pay a non-refundable fee of $650.00

Please Note: A TCO expires after 30 days and must be renewed until a permanent certificate is obtained. Only those persons covered by the general contractor of record are permitted to work on-site before occupancy (including furniture movers and network specialists).