Plot Plan Example

Please provide the following information on the site plan.
All code information must be included in 
order for the plan to be accepted for review.

Plot Plan Example(PDF, 47KB)

  • Indicate the scale of the plan (must be engineering scale ie: 1” = 10’)
  • Indicate the name of the owner and the address of the property
  • Show the square footage of each of the following:
      1. Lot
      2. Existing dwelling(s)
      3. Addition(s) to dwelling(s)
      4. Accessory structures (ie: garage, storage etc.)
      5. Addition(s) to accessory structure(s)
  • Show the location, square footage and use of the new structure(s)
  • Indicate the maximum height of the new structure(s)
  • Provide the height of the exterior walls of the new building addition or structure measured from the average grade to the highest point under the roof or to the top of the parapet wall as follows:
    North ____________ ft high         South______________ft high
    East______________ft high        West ______________ ft high
  • Provide lot coverage (the area of the site occupied by buildings, storage areas and vehicular use areas) information for the following:
      1. Square footage of vehicular use area
      2. Total square footage of building area & vehicular use area proposed.
  • Provide the current lot coverage calculation
  • Identify any applicable overlay zone and indicate how this project complies.
  • Show the locations of the utility lines for water, sewer, electric and gas
  • Show at least one street perimeter setback measured from the carport or garage and one measured from the front of the dwelling
  • Show all easements of record on the property
  • Indicate the zoning on the property and the surrounding properties
  • Provide a legal description of the property (ie: subdivision name and lot number or metes and bounds legal if not a subdivision)