Residential Solar Permits

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Licensed solar contractors can use the SolarAPP+ review process for residential solar projects that meet the eligibility criteria. Projects that do not meet the requirements for this same-day process must use the 30-day review process at  Tucson Development Center Online to apply.

Criteria: Residential solar projects are eligible as long as they are attached to a roof and are NOT located in a Historic Preservation Zone (HPZ) or Neighborhood Preservation Zone (NPZ). If your property is in an HPZ or NPZ please apply through Tucson Development Center Online.

Get Started

(* See Notes)

  1. Eligibility to use SolarAPP+ (a*)
    • Main Dwelling Rooftop, Permitted, Residential structures only
    • No Ballasted Systems
    • Not in a special district or in a historic preservation zone
    • Not in an environmentally sensitive area or hillside development zone
    • Not located in a County Flood Hazard or flood plain area (b*)
    • Located within the City of Tucson limits
    • Licensed contractors only
  2. Submit for Automated Review Through SolarAPP+
    • Submit your design to
    • Click Login or Register to get started (c*)
    • A $25 processing fee will be charged by the SolarAPP+ website (d*)
  3. Apply for Permit
    • Visit Tucson Development Center Online to apply for your solar permit
    • Click Apply and select "Residential Solar App" on the top bar to begin your application
    • Include your approved set of documents, "as-built" drawings, and your SolarAPP+ approval number to proceed (e*)
    • Include the word "SolarAPP" as the first word in the project description
    • Revisions, See the Submitting Your Revision tab
  4. Schedule Your Inspection


(a) If your solar panel installation conflicts with any of the qualification criteria, please submit your application and documents using the standard permitting process. Use Property Research Online to research your property.
(b) For properties inside of Flood Hazard Areas, if the system is being installed with a lease agreement the SolarAPP+ automated review may be used. If the property lies in a Flood Hazard Area and the system will be owned by the property owner, a traditional plan review will be required.
(c) When registering with SolarAPP+, please have your Contractors license information on hand.
(d) This step does not issue a building permit. Proceed to the next step to apply for your building permit with a list of required inspections.
A permit will be issued upon payment. This fee will need to be paid prior to scheduling your inspections

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